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Our Mission


In today’s world, the need to protect our clients from the abuse of their civil rights is more important than ever.  Whether by a discriminatory employer, an abusive government official or police officer, the civil rights of Americans are being infringed more than ever before. Therefore, we provide our clients with the legal knowledge and experience to fight their case, but also the courage to stand up to bullies who use their position to step on the rights of others.  Our clients know one thing for sure: we are on your side and we will fight for your rights.


We have been protecting the rights of the people for over thirty years.  Let us help you.



Employment Law


Employment Discrimination: 

  Age, Race, Sex, Religion

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Reductions in Force

Sexual Harassment

Wrongful Termination

Americans with Disability Act

Family Medical Leave Act

Employment Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements

Severance Agreements



Civil Rights


Police Misconduct

Excessive Force and Taser

False Arrest

Malicious Prosecution

Constitutional Rights

Political Termination

Student Rights

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Two Gateway Center, Suite 1290

603 Stanwix Street

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

(412) 281-9194

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Our Committment to Fight for Your Civil Rights



Joel Sansone is dedicated to speaking out and bringing action against police departments engaging in a pattern or practice of violating citizens’ federal and constitutional rights.  At Law Offices of Joel Sansone, we vigorously litigate cases involving violence and intimidating acts, civil rights violations and discrimination.

Our Committment to Our Clients



Joel Sansone and his firm have extensive experience in all phases of civil and employment discrimination litigation.  

Joel and his staff believe that it is important to assist all clients during the litigation process with a high degree of skill and sensitivity. 

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